Who's the real identity of your Fake online boyfriend?

In FAKE, not everyone is who they pretend to be and it causes Kath a whole lot of trouble. Play the quiz to work out who your Fake boyfriend really is out of the guys you'll meet in the book.
  1. You’re at the ice-cream shop, what flavour do you order?

  2. Cookies and Cream - reminds you of when you were a little kid
    Chocolate - the darker the better
    Mango sorbet - fresh and light is your choice
    Choc-mint - nothing else compares

  3. It's the big game, where is your boyfriend?

  4. Striker
    Late as usual
    In the stands next to me

  5. Junk food night, what do you get?

  6. Party pies
    Hot dogs please
    Burger with the lot
    I only go to restaurants

  7. Favourite colour?

  8. Yellow
    Midnight blue

  9. Fave childhood memory?

  10. Family holidays
    Being spoilt by my grandparents
    Reading a good book
    Growing up

Your boyfriend is really Bobby: he's young, but a good friend. He just might grow up into someone special. You've won the heart of Joel - Mr Popularity - but there's more to him than meets the eye. Sorry to say but you might want to find out a bit more because he's just like Aaaron Winter... Lucky girl - you have Sebastian. Dreamy and cute and smart and sigh...